What is your New Year’s marketing resolution?

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It’s now the New Year, usually a time where most of us stop for a bit of reflection and set some resolutions. If you don’t already do this, you should start!

One big point of reflection for me is the ongoing mental reminder I get every so often – GET BACK TO THE BASICS. I actually wrote this in big letters on my whiteboard in my office and left it for several months so it would be ingrained in my head again.

During the slow period of the holidays, it’s been an opportune time to review (reflect) my operating structure, my strategic and business plans, along with reworking of the annual  budget for family and business. A big outcome for me during this review has been the change toward becoming a true Golf Marketing company.

Another big area that has been reworked is my marketing plan. Now as a “Golf Marketing” company we need to lead by example in our approach to the business and the ways we engage with our marketplace. What is getting results and what can we do without. I call it “Getting rid of the clutter”. We all tend to get caught up in the clutter from time to time, and we don’t focus on the basic things that get the best results. (How much clutter do you have?)

Im finalising my marketing schedule (resolution) for the next year now. This includes when each newsletter, fax, magazines are to be done throughout the year, and now will be also experimenting with video blogs. A lot of stuff to do each month, but a must for me to engage with our audience through the various mediums that we are invovled with.

I still see so many clubs and companies out there that miss this general premise of focusing on the basics. They spend their valuable time and resources on various activities and promotions or miss doing any marketing at all. They miss the basics such as answering the phone, service standards, an inviting website, a welcoming attitude from staff and other members and the list goes on.

Currently a highly topical area for discussion has been the use of Social Media as a way to interact with your members. I think YES this is an area you need to be doing to adapt with the current needs of the marketplace, though it may not be the case for all clubs or business if your marketplace does not utilise these mediums. It is not the cure for all that ails the industry, but a path to take is start from the beginning again, make sure the basics are right, and then move forward into areas that will help grow your business.

Marketing is such a general term with so many meanings, so where to start?

The basics of course!

If you consistently get the basics right, your business will be on a stable platform to move forward.

Your New Year’s resolution should be – “I will work on getting the basics done well first.”

If you need help with the basic or with a general review of your marketing requirements, please drop Mike an email to set up your free initial consultation.mike@golfindustrycentral.com.au

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