Why Video Is The Way Forward

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Research shows that online video is one of the fastest routes to conversions, customer engagement and clickthroughs.

A January 2013 report by Econsultancy explored the relationship between savvy online video marketing and retail success with surprising results. The study found that shoe e-tailer Zappos boosted sales by between 6 and 30 per cent after embedding online videos throughout its product pages. It also reported that equestrian sports supplier Ariat saw a 160 per cent conversion rate increase after product videos had been viewed.

Here are five tips for using online video to drive user engagement, search value and your bottom line.

Create customer-friendly content

Think strategically about the type of content that’s likely to resonate with your customers and then generate online videos that they are compelled to tweet, cross-post and share. Try creating product demos that highlight the features and benefits of your product or how-to videos that take the pain out of a simple task. You’ll be surprised at how focusing on relevance will accelerate your engagement levels while heightening site traffic and sales.

Keep it short and sharp

It’s important that your videos are short, sharp and interesting enough to capture your customer within the first few seconds. Remember that your ideal prospect is likely to be bombarded with messages and it’s vital to set yourself apart. It’s also critical to optimise for SEO by using keywords in your titles, descriptions and tags. Making an effort to be SEO-friendly from the outset often equates to a stellar performance when it comes to search.

Don’t forget to measure your results

Whether you’re launching a full-scale video marketing campaign or including video content across your e-commerce site, it’s essential to track your results. If you keep on top of metrics such as traffic sources, views, viewing time and audience information, you’ll glean enough information to help supercharge your online video efforts.

Online video is a powerful way to drive brand awareness and capture new customers, but it depends on how fast you can master the basic skills. What are your foolproof tips for blitzing video marketing?

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