A systematic approach to growing corporate golf, events, and membership

May 6, 2015   //   by Mike   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on A systematic approach to growing corporate golf, events, and membership

Up to now, most golf courses and businesses have relied on referrals for new corporate, event and membership sales. They have managed to sell themselves through low budget marketing campaigns but have also faced ever increasing price wars with other competitors.

However, current market conditions demand that golf clubs/businesses get better at marketing themselves, generating quality leads, and then converting the opportunities encountered on a daily basis.

Clubs need to have a systematic approach that they can manage each step along the way of converting a sale.

But how precise and thorough are clubs’ sales processes and CRM systems, which support and nurture these pipeline deals to a successful close?

We think there is huge potential to ‘sharpen the saw’ in these critical areas of the business, and to train key employees to become better salespeople.

What value would an extra golf event, conference or one more long-term member bring to your club?

With ever growing trends, which don’t bode well for organic growth in golf events, new memberships and functions revenue, the time to act is now!

How do we buck the trend of lower marketing budgets, diminishing consumer demand and fiercer competition from the broader hospitality and leisure sectors – all while converting more LEADS to SALES?

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