You Really Need to Stop Using so Many Hashtags

Aug 12, 2014   //   by Mike   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on You Really Need to Stop Using so Many Hashtags

What’s the point of a hashtag? That’s probably the first question you should ask yourself when using hashtags on social media. If you can’t answer that question in 5 words or less, then you are probably using too many of them.

Simply put, hashtags are a search tool. Think of them like a word or series of words you would put into Google to find all the information on a specific topic – say: stock tips (#stocktips) or Gaza (#Gaza) or Miley Cyrus (#mileycyrus, #bangerz) or even social media ( # social media, # sm).

Now, how many times have you actually searched for information using a hashtag? My guess, unless you are a social media manager/consultant/specialist, a techy or a journalist, the answer is…Never.

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