Get Better Results From Your Job Posting

Nov 20, 2013   //   by Mike   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on Get Better Results From Your Job Posting

Once you start job posting, it is also important to evaluate the returns you are getting on those postings and change your strategy if required. There are five main points to be keep in mind when you are evaluating the results of your job postings.

  1. Always have keywords in your job titles: When your job titles have keywords, not only are candidates more likely to see them while scrolling through the list of jobs but they are also more likely to show up when the candidates do a keyword search. Most job seekers do a keyword search for location and job title or key skills needed in that job. With the right keywords, your listing can rank high.
  2. Know what jobseekers are looking for: Nothing puts off jobseekers than a poorly worded listing, which makes it obvious that the person writing the job listing does not understand the job requirements in question.If the listing is about a highly technical position, it’s a good idea to run it by the relevant department to ensure that the requirements are covered. You should also talk to the top performers in the department for which you are posting the openings. They will have a good understanding of what is expected and required of the new employees.
  3. Clearly list the requirements that you need and those that you prefer: In every job, there are certain skills that are mandatory and then there are skills that fall into the “it would be great if you could do this too” category.While writing your job description, be sure to take care of this fact. If you write all the skills and keywords under one category, candidates will not be in a position to determine which ones are required and which ones are more of a preference.
  4. Give an option of applying online: Make sure that the candidates can easily apply online and the web form that you are using is in a working condition and easy to use. Make sure that the form is not too long and only has relevant questions.

Getting your job postings to give you a good return on your investment is ultimately making sure that your brand is seen by a wide audience and is memorable to an extent. Remember, it’s a marketplace where you are competing to get noticed by the right people.

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