The Three Parts to Customer Satisfaction

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The great thing about a tricycle is that it doesn’t tip over. Just ask any three-year old. The combination of three brings powerful balance – three legs of a stool, three primary colors, three parts to the atom, and three musketeers.

The power and balance of three applies to customer feedback as well. You need direct guest feedback, market perspective and social monitoring to successfully manage every aspect of a hospitality business. Direct guest feedback, typically from guest surveys, helps you understand what’s happening operationally, take action and build your property’s reputation. Independent market perspective lets you benchmark your performance against competitors and discover emerging market drivers and trends. And finally, social media monitoring keeps watch on your online reputation and allows you to respond quickly to social input.

Each dimension of feedback has distinct value, but when you put them together they become even more powerful. By combining direct guest feedback, competitive benchmarking and social media, you get a complete view of your guests, your performance and your market. This enhanced perspective gives you control and removes guesswork so you can focus on the things that will create competitive advantage, build online reputation, and attract profitable guests.

To read more about what guest feedback, social media, and market data each contribute, download our new white paper. Included in the white paper are key ways our clients have used combinations of feedback sources to improve their business.

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Source: Market Metrix 

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