New On-line Pace of Play Training Services Now Available

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In collaboration with Pace Manager Systems®, Golf Industry Central (GIC) is excited to offer a variety of on-line as well as on-site consulting and improvement training services, facilitated by international “guru of pace of play” Bill Yates.

The world leader in improving pace of play and your operational bottom line, Pace Manager Systems is now for the first time available as an on-line training and course analysis package for golf courses and clubs in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

The on-line service packages, including virtual course pace rating and face-to-face coaching via Skype, aim to leave you and your team with the ability to diagnose the probable causes of slow play on your course, and with the custom-designed tools to measure and monitor an improved pace and flow of play for your playing guests.

In addition to providing you an Unofficial Pace Rating unique to your course, Pace Manager Systems also has the only computer simulation program in the world designed to provide information regarding the proper starting interval for your course. This is never-before-available data that will help you to both optimize the smooth flow of play on your course (greatly reducing or eliminating the frustration of always “waiting to play”), and increase throughput (increasing your inventory of high value and high quality starting times and your revenue).

The two available on-line programs can be found in the table below, and are available through the end of April at the introductory price of AU$499-$999 plus gst.


For more comprehensive program options that are guaranteed to generate immediate improvements, Pace Manager Systems also offers a range of on-site training and improvement packages where all of our work is done for, and on, your course. These successful solutions are built on the foundation of providing both education and hands-on experience to you and your golf operations team, through:

  • Classroom training to build a knowledge base about pace of play
  • On-course activities that build a practical skills base
  • Direct team involvement in designing and implementing improvements
  • The experience of seeing immediate positive results
  • The tools and skills to maintain your successes into the future

For more information on all our services and prices of our on-site services, contact Mike Orloff on OR call (+61) 0415 682 259.

About Bill Yates

Founder of the transformational Pace Manager Systems® suite, Bill has dedicated decades to the analysis of how managers can speed up play, improve the golf experience, and increase profits. He has helped hundreds of public, private, municipal and resort courses around the world lower their round times and improve customer value and revenue.

Bill also works with golf course architects and others who are designing, redesigning, or renovating a golf course. His Pace Designer Systems® optimizes the flow of play while the course is being built or rebuilt, and provides tools to manage play from opening day.

Bill is a frequent presenter at golf conferences and has been featured in every major golf publication. He has consulted with the courses at St Andrews in Scotland, the cradle of golf, and has assisted the Royal & Ancient Golf Club and the United States Golf Association in managing the pace of play for their Open Championships.

Last year Bill visited Australia when speaking at the Golf Business Forum. Golf Industry Central assisted Bill as he toured around the country working with clubs on some new training programs, improving the experience for members and guests.