What’s It Take To Be A Modern Marketer?

Apr 4, 2013   //   by Mike   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on What’s It Take To Be A Modern Marketer?

According to a new study by Eloqua, Modern Marketing, modern marketers understand the competencies that are required in their jobs, but admit that they fall short compared to how “ideal” marketers would blend these competencies together. The report presents respondents views of where they stand in relation to the best-of-breed professional, and how far they have to go to improve.

The study found that the modern marketer persona is ideally three-fold: a hybrid of content marketer, brand marketer and web marketer. These three “marketer types” were chosen by survey participants when asked about the current modern marketer role.

Successful marketing, however, includes more than three roles and should factor in the use of marketing technology, analytics, targeting, conversion, and engagement. The ideal modern marketer has the optimal percentage of all five skill areas – adding up to 100%. When it came time for survey respondents to rate themselves based on the five core skills, their current performance was barely passable, adding up to only 65%.

Marketers rated the relative mix and importance of five essential competencies impacting their work, both as realized by the “ideal” modern marketer and by thems

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