Internet user growth plateaus in Australia

Dec 5, 2014   //   by Mike   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on Internet user growth plateaus in Australia

The country has the third-highest internet penetration rate in Asia-Pacific.

Like in Japan and South Korea, the internet market in Australia is saturated. eMarketer estimates that more than three-quarters of the country’s residents of all ages have been online since last year, and that share will only rise to 76.6% by 2018.

Growth in the absolute number of internet users in Australia is flatlining. eMarketer predicts just a 1.7% increase in users this year, to 17.1 million, and each year the rate of change will drift closer to 1%.

Australia’s slow growth is not surprising; eMarketer estimates it is the third-most-penetrated internet market of any country in Asia-Pacific, after South Korea and Japan. Faster growth is coming from more nascent markets, including large ones like India and Indonesia as well as smaller ones like Vietnam, where internet usage is up more than 10% this year.

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