The Importance Of Local SEO

Apr 9, 2013   //   by Mike   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on The Importance Of Local SEO

The old adage “think global, act local” is especially relevant when it comes to search. The internet might be an international playing field, but geography remains a powerful catalyst for driving conversions and attracting sales.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to consider the power of local SEO when executing a search campaign – an oversight that can result in missed opportunities for business growth. Here are our top five tips for a local SEO strategy that works.

1. Take an active role in your online community

Research the local websites and forums in your area and make an effort to actively engage with them. Highlighting that you’re genuinely connected with your region is a powerful technique for sending Google’s goodwill your way.

Although it’s important to include links to your website, make sure you take pains not to spam. If you take an ethical approach to your SEO practices, you’re bound to reap big rewards in the long run.

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