The Growing Trend of Bleisure Travel

Oct 31, 2013   //   by Mike   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on The Growing Trend of Bleisure Travel

What do you get when more and more business travelers extend their stay at their destination for leisure purposes? Bleisure travel is the awful moniker coined to define what is undoubtedly a growing trend in the travel industry, as the blurring of personal and professional lives of travelers increases on a global level. Others refer to this recent phenomenon as “bizcations” where the business trip leads to a short vacation, with some rest & relaxation – also known as R&R.

According to a recent survey by Pullman Hotels, conducted by the research firm Ipsos, and looking at the behaviors of 2,200 seasoned international travelers, company-owned mobile devices are indeed very much at the heart of their everyday travel behaviors, as reported by Skift:

  • 43% of international travelers always take their mobile professional devices with them on holiday or on weekend trips;
  • The Chinese and the Brazilians are “blurring” champions and the most connected travelers. 79% and 71% respectively have at least one mobile professional device (compared with 60% in the other countries);
  • French and German travelers are the ones that blur their professional and private lives the least;
  • The French have a very negative opinion of the use of mobile professional devices. Most notably, 59% of them believe it to be a source of stress;
  • 43% of the survey sample acknowledges that they work before going to their workplace.

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