Is Facebook Losing Its Cool? Some Teens Think So

Mar 17, 2013   //   by Mike   //   Latest News  //  Comments Off on Is Facebook Losing Its Cool? Some Teens Think So

Baret Steed is tired of Facebook. She’s had an account since she was 13, but isn’t a fan of the fact that the social network now includes not only her friends, but also her parents, aunts, and uncles. “It’s almost like they’re the only ones on there,” she says. “All your relatives are constantly commenting on your stuff. I appreciate the gesture and wanting to keep up with my life, but it’s kind of annoying.”

Steed, 15, is at an age where social media is high on her priority list. She spends about six hours a day on various social sites and apps, but an increasing amount of that time is being ceded to platforms like Instagram (which Facebook owns), Tumblr, and Twitter.

And she’s not alone. In an unscientific survey of about 40 of Steed’s classmates at Briarwood Christian High School in Birmingham, Ala., only eight of the students listed Facebook as their most-used social network. For eleven of them, it didn’t rank in the top three (Instagram was by far the most popular). Other, more formal surveys have found that Tumblr might actually be the teen social network of choice now. In fact, Facebook itself even acknowledged the challenge of keeping teens engaged in its annual 10-K report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in February. In a list of the risk factors that could affect the company’s future success, Facebook stated: