Cashed up kids worth $1.5bil – why aren’t they golfing!

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A recent story in a the Herald Sun reported that “cashed-up” Aussie kids are being handed more than $1.5 billion to spend on enjoying themselves every year. Are we in the golf industry tapping into this massive yearly spend by getting these kids to try golf, even if only as a video game?

We all know that the junior sector is our greatest opportunity to help increase overall playing participation and this report shows they have the money to do so!

The story went on to report…

“The “screen generation” is devoting less time to sport and the outdoors and chewing up half their spare hours in front of TV, video games and computers. Children aged 4-14 get an average $499 a year in combined pocket money, gift money and paid work outside home, the report found.” The New Generations survey found average pocket money is $12.38 a week, up from $11.36 last year.”

Our industry tends to focus new game initiatives by preaching to the choir and really hasn’t done enough to go out to the general market of the non-golfing sector. We should have “Come try golf” commercials running on the cartoon and kid’s networks,  maybe even try to produce some cartoon golfing videos, and introduce a golfing character that comes to school to demonstrate the game. Something out of the traditional box. (Any ideas?)

MyGolf would be a perfect product to promote and to fit into this mix.

“Youngsters are watching 2 1/2 hours of TV a day and getting most information about movies, food, games and toys from the box, according to the poll which was commissioned by pay-TV’s Cartoon Network. Senior manager of strategic research (Asia Pacific) Peter Hammer said the disposable income available to kids meant “not only that they have a big influence over family spending but they are powerful consumers”. “Aussie kids are tech savvy and show strong media awareness. In 2011, it is all about ‘screentime’,” Mr Hammer said. The pester power of modern children is so strong they are even influencing family purchases of products such as skin and hair products. Collectively, the three million children in the target age group had more than $1.5 billion a year to splurge. The study found many kids easily name brands when identifying commercials.”

Get the kids to be the promoters of our game by pestering the parents to take them to the course or club for a hit. Make it fun for them and welcome the family unit into golf. If the kids are happy the parents will be happy to, especially if they can have a few minutes of peace and quiet for themselves.

“Almost one in three youngsters claimed to have made an online purchase, one in four donated to charity, and one in five said they had at least 200 Facebook friends. Tablet ownership exploded in the past year, and playing online games, homework, social networking and online video are their top internet activities. Two in three children aged 7-14 owned or borrowed mobile phones, and just over half used the internet daily.”

The online world seems to be the target area to best reach this demographic. What are you doing to attract young players?

Click here for source: Cashed up kids worth $1.5bil

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