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The Complete Membership Director

Price: $75.00
Location: WORLDWIDE, Other,

The Complete Membership Director
 Learn How to Enroll and Retain More Private Club Memberships in any Economic Environment! The  Complete Membership Director tells the story and the process of how I did it and how I am doing it today. I  generated the leads, scheduled the tours, followed-up, followed-up, followed-up, sold each membership and  then received a member referral (or three). This club guide is not foolproof or guaranteed. It’s just my  experiences, in the trenches, being wildly successful, selling private club memberships for a living. And a  great living it’s been! Country clubs, city clubs, tennis clubs and athletic clubs – my life in the club biz since  1977. Click here for details and to purchase direct

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Revenue Generation Best Practices Manual

Price: $49.00
Location: Anywhere, Other,

Golf Marketing Central
A 38-page manual outlining various tee sheet management strategies, revenue generation idea and other golf and non golf events that you can conduct in your buy and slow periods. A must have for any golf facility. Contact Golf Industry Central for more information or to purchase click on “Add to cart”

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